Smart ways to keep your house clean in Arlington WA
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Back to School season is here! In honor of the school smarts your kids will be working on day to day, we’ve compiled a list of some smart ways to keep your house cleaner longer this month and in the months to come.

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Minimize Clutter: A house with less items in it will be easier to keep clean. Simple as that.

Keep Food in The Kitchen: It’s tempting to bring a snack into the living room or bedroom for a movie snack, but try to resist! Crumbs are hard to contain. Minimizing food mess will keep bugs away and keep your home cleaner in the long run.

Teach Kids To Help: Don’t leave yourself with a huge pile of to-do. Teach your kids that in your house, kids help too (with age appropriate tasks of course). Once it becomes habit, there will be significantly less complaining AND mess. 

Bonus tip: If your kid likes to pull the line, “but I didn’t make that mess!” Respond with phrasing like: “I know you didn’t, but in this house everyone helps” or “In our family, we clean up together”

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Consider Professional Cleanings: the good time to DIY is NOT right now. A professional cleaning gets bacteria and dirt in a way simple household materials just can’t. Booking regular professional cleanings helps to maintain a cleaner home longer- especially with Chem-Dry Select. We apply a protectant to carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, and other surfaces to BLOCK out bacteria.

Recommended* cleaning times by professionals:

Carpet, every 3-6 months

Upholstery, every 24-48 months

Rug, once a year

Tile and grout, once a year

*recommendations are based on average house conditions. If you smoke, have kids or pets, struggle with allergies or asthma- then you may need cleanings more often.

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Clean BEFORE: Before the kids wake up, before the kids get home from school, etc. A clean slate is easier to maintain. Be prepared for the potential mess your kids could make by preparing beforehand. If the standard is a clean home, it will be easier to teach your kids that is how the home should stay.

Make Sure Everything Has a Home: When your house is at it’s tip top shape, look around and see if there are items that are left out as clutter (on top of bookshelves, in corners of the room, etc.). See if there is a permanent place where they belong, aka their ‘home’. If there isn’t a spot for them… time to take out the trash. Things that don’t have their own home don’t belong in yours.

Keep your house looking great with these simple and smart tips and remember the smart thing to do for your house is schedule professional cleanings.