Prevent Unlucky Carpet Stains With One Easy Change in Arlington WA
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prevent unlucky stains carpet stain removal in Arlington WAIt’s happened to the best of us, in one split second your food goes from your plate to your carpet. Sometimes it’s an easy cleanup...other times it’s a terrible stain. Unlucky stains are a common problem, especially if you have kids in the house.

Give your carpets a fighting chance, don’t leave it up to luck! Applying a protectant to your carpet will prevent stains from setting into carpet. Protectant acts as a barrier against stains, allergens, and bacteria. It seals the individual carpet fibers so they can resist against stains-making cleanup easier. With a protectant, you don’t need to worry about unlucky stains because your carpet will be protected.

When your carpet was originally installed it likely came with a factory carpet protectant, but how long ago was that? The factory protectant becomes less effective over time and fades away leaving your carpet unprotected. Getting it reapplied has proven great results in protecting the quality of your carpet fibers. Protect your carpet, book with us