Keeping Carpet Clean During Winter in Arlington WA
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keeping carpet clean during winter in Arlington WA1. Have protectant applied to your carpet:

Give your carpet the protection it needs to repel holiday food stains and damages from winter weather conditions. Get protectant applied to your carpet! Our Chem-Dry protectant creates a barrier around carpet fibers so they can resist damage. When someone spills their chocolate cake after family dinner, your carpet will be ready. Removing a stain is harder than preventing one in the first place, so prepare your carpet for the holiday messes it might face.

2. Put a mat or tree skirt under the tree:

A real tree smells and looks great! Sometimes, however, it leaves behind messes that are not great for your carpet. Over the month it consistently drops pine needles to the floor and the sap can make a sticky mess on your carpet. You don’t have to sacrifice the holiday spirit of a real tree, just simply put down a mat or tree skirt to catch any falling tree debris. Pay special attention to the the stump where extra sap may build up by making sure the carpet under and around it is covered.

3. Encourage guests to leave shoes at the door:

Winter shoes are a carpet’s nightmare. All the snow, salt, and mud cause quite a mess. One easy step to prevent the damage from shoes is simply to remove them. Encourage guests to leave shoes at the door by putting out a large basket to hold them or a festive sign designating the proper place to leave shoes.

4. Purchase a coat rack:

After your kids come in from building snowmen or splashing in puddles, their coats are sure to be soaked. Chances are they leave them piled up on the floor as they rush inside to warm up. Soggy coats make for soggy carpet! Wet carpet smells bad and creates a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Solve the problem by purchasing a coat rack or wall hooks to hold wet coats up away from carpet.

5. Vacuum once a week or more:

A three minute task that will make or break your home this winter is vacuuming. Minimize dirt buildup by vacuuming at least once a week. Keeping your carpet free of dirt and buildup improves indoor air quality. Good air inside your home contributes to good health. This quick chore will help your family fight against seasonal illnesses and keep your carpet looking great!