How To Keep Your 5 Year Old Busy Indoors!
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Keeping your kiddos off screens can be difficult! Especially during the colder months. We compiled a list of our favorite ways to keep kids busy indoors without using screens. Remember that being indoors all day makes you more susceptible to being affected by the things that live in your carpet and upholstery so you want to book a carpet and upholstery cleaning before you start to play this winter season!

little girl hand holding a crayon coloring a page

Coloring pages. Do a quick google search to pull up some new and exciting coloring pages! Allow your little one to choose which page they want before printing it out.

Play dance and freeze. Freeze dance is a good way to get some energy out while being in a small place (a.k.a. Indoors all day)

String together noodle necklaces. Penne noodles, a piece of yarn, and some tape work great. Pasta beads are inexpensive and easier to thread for kids who are still developing fine motor skills. 

little girl standing at a counter in Corona CA smiling and about to cook

Fold paper sheets to make cards for family or neighbors in Arlington, WA. Snail mail isn’t out of fashion! 

Pretend your hardwood kitchen floor is an ice rink. Put on some socks and slide! (just remember to discuss safety rules first)

Create silly hair and makeup looks for each other. Get out bows, ribbons, maybe something unexpected (perhaps the socks from indoor ice skating).

Cook dinner together- hey you gotta do it anyway right? Include your kid in on the fun. They can mix ingredients, dump in measuring cups, flatten dough, and more. Kids are capable of doing more than we think and they’ll likely have fun helping!

These are just a few fun, simple, and engaging ways to keep your little five year old busy indoors without screens, but there are other things you could do together. Just remember that your child appreciates your time and attention the most. Whatever game you are playing, put your phone away and have fun! But wait- before you get to playing don’t forget to book a professional carpet cleaning with Chem-Dry Select in Arlington, WA.

Chem-Dry Select carpet cleaning technicians remove 98% of bacteria and allergens so your home can be a healthy play place all winter long. Book online or call us at 360-629-6429 to set up an appointment!