20 Fun At Home Activities
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People all around the world are currently staying at home wondering what they should do while practicing social distancing due to the coronavirus.  Moms with children are probably struggling to constantly entertain their kids. Others are struggling to simply entertain themselves. Which is why we took the time to put together a list of 20 fun ideas that you can do in the safety of your home!  

  1. Backyard Sports: Break out the frisbee, soccer ball, football or anything else and enjoy a fun night full of family games!
  1. Do a puzzle: Challenge yourself and your family to a puzzle! You can start with 100 pieces and work your way up to 1000!
  1. Build a fort: Get the kids together and build the ultimate fort! Use anything from blankets to chairs to whatever else you can find! Maybe even spend the night all cuddled up in your new creation.
  1. Paint night with Bob Ross: For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bob Ross, look him up on youtube and become a professional painter in no time! Before you know it your walls will be full of your new creations.
  1. Spring Cleaning: With all this extra time, you can get an even deeper spring clean to prepare you for the crazy summer months ahead! Especially with the virus going on, it is even more vital to keep your home clean and healthy. Be sure to give us a call to help give you a deeper clean for a healthier home!
  1. Backyard Campout: Break out the sleeping bags, tents, and maybe even some microwavable s'mores! Before you know it you and your family will be set to have a magical night together while getting some much needed outside time while still being safe.
  1. Baking with mom: Craving something sweet? Well I'm sure your kids are too! Round them all up and make it into a group activity.  This way everyone gets to join in on the fun along with taste the satisfaction of helping make your own freshly baked goods.
  1. Family game night: Pull out the original family favorite games and enjoy a night together full of fun. Maybe even challenge yourselves to learn a new game to add to your collection!
  1. Call a loved one: During this hard time, we all need a little cheering up. Give a loved one or old friend a call and take this time to catch up and reconnect.
  1. Spa night: Everyone needs and deserves some me time.  Draw a bath, throw on a facemask, and take a night to spend completely on yourself.
  1. Family pizza making night: Having trouble deciding on what flavor of pizza to make? Please everyone and buy separate ingredients for them to make their very own.  This way they all will be pleased while getting to spend some quality family time together.
  1. Read a book: Whether it's that book that has been sitting on the shelf waiting for you to pick it up, or a story book that your child loves reading is always a fun activity for everyone.
  1. Make a “Tik Tok”: If you have any child above the age of 10, I’m sure you've heard about the popular app called “Tik Tok”. This is the perfect time to round up your family and make one together!  Your kids will love it and it can help you be more involved in the activities that they enjoy.
  1. Clean out your closet: Take some time to go through your closet and get rid of those clothes that you haven’t worn in years.  It’ll feel good to reorganize and reset while you have the time to.
  1. Play an instrument: Have that old childhood instrument that you never got good at sitting around? Take another crack at it! You’ll be impressed with how accomplishing learning an instrument can be.
  1. Do a Pinterest project: Had lots of failed attempts at Pinterest projects in the past because you were in a rush? Now is the perfect time to try again. Whether it's refurbishing your furniture or painting a picture or anything else in between, give it another shot!
  1. Write in your journal: We are currently living in a time that is making history! Take time to record your thoughts and experiences while going through this crazy time. Later on you might even look back and reminisce about the days where you had so much time while being in quarantine.
  1. Try out at-home yoga: Just because all of the gyms are closed, doesn’t mean you have to give up your daily workout routine! There are plenty of online instructors that are ready to keep you in shape.  Maybe even try something new like yoga!
  1. Family movie night: Break out some of your family's favorite movies and enjoy the night eating buttery popcorn all cuddled up on the couch together.
  1. Play hide and seek: Now this might seem like just a kids game, but when you involve the whole family it becomes fun for the whole family! You could even try throwing in twists like hide and seek in the dark!