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Your household furniture should be taken care of. However, that's generally the contrary of what takes place. Despite how much we enjoy that sofa of ours, it can take quite a beating for the duration of the year. Believe in Chem-Dry to produce the leading upholstery cleaning service. We will take care of your sofa just like the cherished member of your family that it is. You can expect it to shine after a hot carbonated cleaning treatment. We realize how fast-paced life can be, however don't let that full schedule of yours reflect the way your furniture looks. Chem-Dry gives that upholstery of yours the treatment it is deserving of, at a charge that can't be overcome!

What sets us apart from the others you ask? Let us inform you! The first is our hot carbonated cleaner. We use a natural solution that leaves no residual behind whatsoever. And, as we're sure you're mindful, the residue left behind by steam cleaners or Do-it-yourself cleaners will generally lure dirt like a magnet which, in turn, leaves your upholstery dirtier in the future. Since our solution leaves no remains, joined together with our carbonated cleaning process, you can be expecting a deep clean and quick dry times. Just like removing a stain using club soda, our hot carbonation will lift up the filth, dust and muck right out of the fibers of your furniture. Thanks to how dependable this is, we only need to use a tiny percentage of water that steam cleaners might use. You should be expecting your furniture dry in 1-2 hours rather than a couple DAYS! Here at Chem-Dry, we recognize how critical time is. With our services you can clean that furniture of yours, while still retaining that busy schedule of yours.

Your furniture deserves a wonderful cleaning due to the amount of frequent skin contact it takes on a regular basis! The last thing you would choose to do, however, is hurt your couch. Chem-Dry would for no reason make this happen. That's why our components have been shown to be risk-free and healthy. In fact, every single element used in our main solution, The Natural, is authorized by the FDA on their Generally Recognized as Safe List. There are simply no damaging soaps, chemicals or enzymes.

At the end of the day, your house is where you can go to unwind. We know that having a safe, clean and comfortable home is crucial, so put your confidence in us to supply your upholstery with the most gentle and thorough clean available. Call us right now for a deep, healthy clean that won't clean out your wallet!


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