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Tile and Grout Cleaning Arlington WA

Dirty tile is just one of those things you don’t notice how grimy it really is until it's cleaned. The distinction in appearance can blow your mind! You might think you are good for a number of years, but tile and grout should really be cleaned every 12-18 months. Oftentimes, however, you can set aside hours on your hands and knees doing anything you can to get that dirt and grime out. Do us a favor and leave the hard work to us!

Ever taken a crack at scrubbing tile floor by hand? Everyone understands how unpleasant and dirty it can be! The worst part about the whole thing is that no one is able to get in between the tile or stone and get that grout looking like new. At the end of the day, we are all aware that tile and stone can be hard to clean. If you own tile or stone you realize that the traditional carpet cleaning treatments won't have the desired effect and, by steering clear of it, all that mold, mildew and dirt accumulates in a hurry! So, next time you look at that tile floor of yours and ask yourself how you can bring back it's former glow, give Chem-Dry a call!

What is it specifically that makes tile and grout so tricky to clean up? It's caused by the permeable surfaces of your tile, grout and stone that pull in bacteria. That's the reason Chem-Dry features a tile and stone cleaning method that seeps deep inside those porous surfaces, eliminating the bacteria found both on the surface and lodged inside your grout. The best element associated with our cleaning process is the fact that we put together specific cleaning products with highly trained professionals. This collaboration, to start with, goes deep down to remove the dirt and bacteria accumulated after some time. Your surfaces won't just look as good as new, but by applying our specially designed products, the life of your tile and stone will be lengthened, and your home's total well being will be improved!

A little something about tile and stone cleaning that few people know about is that, when it comes to tile and stone, the preliminary cleaning won't do the trick! This is exactly why, immediately after a cleaning, Chem-Dry applies a sealer to build a divider to keep potential germs and bacteria out. This enables much easier cleaning and upkeep when you need it. This method of ours cleans extensively, shields from future germs, and improves the health of your home while drying in just a matter of hours!

Trust us here at Chem-Dry. A healthier home is just a call away!


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